What Are The Best Homework Practice Strategies For Students?

Why making a strategy is necessary for doing homework?

Homework is a much fear word for students world-wide. Not only school students but college students also suffer from- missing deadline, misunderstanding the instructions or difficulty in solving when it comes to home-task. To tame the beast head on, creating a particular strategy and following it religiously is absolutely necessary. Whether its science or humanities, a plan will always come handy for you.

Five best homework practice strategies for students

  • Do it as soon as possible
  • The best way to finish off your homework within time is to do it as soon as you are assigned. The more you delay the timing of study, the more lethargic you will feel eventually. If you have concentration problem and you get easily distracted when you are studying, then you can do meditation or other mind-exercises to increase your concentration power. It will ultimately assist you to complete your task within deadline.

  • Face the toughest one first
  • If you consider mathematics or geography home task fearful, then tackle it first. The normal human tendency is to delay doing the unpleasant things. But when time is short and you have too-many- in- your- platter of home task already; put the most difficult one on the first priority list.

  • Form a group with friends
  • If you find solving your tasks boring, then you can easily team up with your friends. Team work can foster a healthy competition and mutual benefits and they eventually lead to better solving process of home-tasks. But do keep it in mind that the number of members within the group should be a manageable figure.

  • Stay tuned with the class
  • Whatever is being taught in the class, you have to go through the chapters everyday to revise the lessons. The chapters of your text book are inter-connected and in order to solve questions from the one chapter, you need to revisit the previous ones. The only way to do is to- focus in your classroom and note down the important points of what your teacher is saying.

  • Find a peaceful place
  • You have to take the task of completing your class assignments as a ritual. So try to pick up a place that is noiseless, peaceful and free from any distraction. It is best if you have a separate study room in your house, so that you can do it in your room, even with your study group. If such a space is not available in your home then do it in library or in any of your friend’s quiet home.

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