How To Use Music As Homework Motivation: Basic Tips

To listen to music while studying or not listen to music, that is the question that has been haunting the academic community for eternity – Well, at least the last couple of decades! Everyone has an opinion on it and, to be honest, I think it is all rather subjective because when it comes to music one size definitely doesn’t fit all. If you are going to use music to accompany your homework, then it is vital that it motivates rather than distracts you. Here are some basic tips as to how you can use it successfully:

  • Select the tracks with care
  • It is not always the best of ideas to listen to your favorite music while doing your homework; especially if it generally leads to you wanting to leap around the room or start singing your head off. You need to find something that you like, but which effectively melts into the background and gets you in the zone. If power ballads are your thing; great, just make sure that you can mentally switch off from them enough to be able to concentrate.

  • Listen to your favorite music before starting
  • Listening to your music before you get started can be a great motivational tool. Clearly it does depend upon your choice of the track but chilling out on your bed, or dancing around for twenty minutes while you mentally psych yourself up can be an incredibly powerful device. That is, so long as you don’t allow it to take over; or find yourself unable to start work.

  • Listen to your favorite music when you are done
  • In the same way as listening to music before you get started can give you that kick up the butt that you need to get started, using music as a reward can also have a wonderful effect. This way you don’t have to block it out or switch it off after twenty minutes, you can listen to it for as long as you like.

  • Treat yourself to concert tickets
  • Clearly, you are not going to do this every week. However, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to tickets to go see your favorite band as an end of year treat. Sometimes having something enjoyable to look forward to is the best motivator in the world. Get together with a group of buddies and see you can come up with between you. Enjoy!

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