Nine Good Art Homework Ideas For High School Students

In this paper, we will be talking about 9 ideas for art homework for high school students. Creativity is a big element when you are trying to construct any type of artwork. Art class is just the type of forum that allows a student’s mind to run free with ideas. A good teacher will challenge the student to use any tools imaginable to create some form of art. She is trying to encourage scholars to look outside the box and see things from a different perspective. Art is such a subjective subject and the pupil is allowed to express his or her feelings in ways most other subjects don’t allow. The following is 9 artwork ideas for scholar to attempt:

  1. Draw a simple picture. Learn how to use different drawing utensils to form a subject. Listen and watch a website to explain the correct procedure on forming a picture.
  2. Shading is an art form that can create very beautiful, real pictures if done correctly. Explain where and how this art form can be used in the world.
  3. Sculpting a form from whatever medium interests the student. The teacher will explain what subject they are striving to represent. Give the scholar access to videos and let them decide which way to go.
  4. Painting- explains the different materials that can be used in constructing a painting of their choice. Give the student the freedom to work with standard paints, water colors, or mixtures of different colors.
  5. Pottery is another expression that takes some type of skill and can produce an item that can be saved and will always be a conversation piece.
  6. Creating a short video using a subject the student feels expresses who they are or what makes them feel alive.
  7. Studying a particular type of architecture and putting together some type of working model of interest. Expressing their creativity is a must.
  8. Taking a photograph and using technology to superimpose an aging process to guess what they may look like in the future
  9. Work with leather to create fashion statements that can be worn for a long time.

Art is a subject that many people feel is not even necessary any long in schools. Hopefully, it will always be in the educational system to remind people that creativity is the basis for many important discoveries in the world today.

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