Is Homework Harmful Or Helpful: Professional Point Of View

The value of homework is a controversial issue. It has been debated by teachers, parents, and students for many years, and, for some reasons, it hasn’t been agreed whether it does more harm or good. There are both benefits and potential harm in doing assignments at home, and you should consider both sides in order to take your independent position.


  • Homework helps reinforce the knowledge obtained in class. This is a simple and evident advantage: the more you practice, the better you will know the subject. By doing the tasks of different types and levels, students get prepared to do well on their final tests.
  • Students learn to study independently and to manage their time wisely. They get prepared to adult life by taking responsibility for doing everything well and on time.
  • Teachers check the students’ knowledge. Teachers can see the difficulties in understanding the course by grading the completed assignments. If a student didn’t manage to do a certain task or did it completely wrong, this is a sign that this person needs more help in class.


  • Homework usually takes too much time.
  • This time could be easily spent on other useful after school activities, family, and friends. Moreover, students need time to have a rest and relax after classes. It is impossible if the rest of the day should be wasted struggling with intricate geometry problems or writing useless essays about boring things.

  • Family conflicts are inevitable if a child cannot cope with assignments.
  • Parents want that their children be good achievers and they do everything possible to influence the study process. Students don’t like working under pressure, and this is a serious cause of frustration.

  • The excitement from the learning process is spoilt.
  • Unfortunately, it often happens that teachers just want that students do anything for no purpose. There are lots of assignments that are useless and have no educational value. Moreover, most of the school tasks are very boring, and, being forced to deal with them, kids lose their interest in the subject.

You may come up with even more advantages and disadvantages of doing homework. However, the tendency is clear. The benefits are solid and reasonable. The drawbacks have one common feature: all of them are concerned with the quality of school assignments. Most of them are overwhelming, too difficult, boring, and useless while they should take less time and be manageable, interesting, and purposeful. If teachers took these remarks into consideration, the practice of working at home would be really helpful.

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